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How I Self-Edit My Novels: 15 Steps From First Draft To Publication
K. M. Weiland
“White declared, ‘The best writing is rewriting.’ In other words, the best writing is editing. We find all kinds of info on how to write. But editing can be a little more slippery. Basically, this is because good editing skills are no different from good writing skills. If you know how to write a good plot, you’ll know how to edit one. If you know how to edit a great beginning, you’ll know how to write one. The storycraft is no different in writing than it is in editing.”


How Publishers Make Decisions About What To Publish: The Book P&L
Jane Friedman
“P-and-L. P&L. Profit and loss. However you refer to it, the P&L is a publisher’s basic decision-making tool for determining whether a book makes financial sense to publish. It’s a mixture of the predictable (such as manufacturing costs) and the unpredictable (namely, sales). Nearly every established book publisher uses a proprietary P&L that it doesn’t disclose.”


In Praise Of Enthusiastic Amateurs – Like Me
Melissa Harrison
Melissa Harrison makes some excellent points about “expertise” in writing about your specialist subject. Melissa is a nature writer, but what she says applies to all authors, I think.


Advice For Authors From A Bookseller's Perspective
Tracy Harn-Burkett for Writer Unboxed
“I’ve just completed a two-year stint as a part-time bookseller at a lovely independent bookstore. Aside from the obvious bliss of having spent two years surrounded by books and people who love them, I also came away with a new perspective regarding authors and how they approach their close allies, bookstores. I found myself with an excellent opportunity to study both the good and the bad, and I want to share with you what I learned.”

Your "LOOK INSIDE!" Book Preview: Will It Turn Readers Away or Close The Sale?
Anne R. Allen
“I get a lot of bargain ebook newsletters: BookBub, Fussy Librarian, Kindle News Daily, EBUK, etc. / Often a book intrigues me enough that I click through to look at the book's full details on the retail site. But I almost never buy. Sometimes the full blurb or a review will stop me, but 90% of the time, it's the sample chapters that turn me off.”


Top 10 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes Of Author-Bloggers
Anne R. Allen
“Aspiring writers are told we should all be blogging. If you're willing to make the commitment, I do think it's the best way to start building platform and getting your name out there. / If you have no Web presence, agents, reviewers and readers are a lot less likely to take you seriously.  The quickest, cheapest, and most reliable way to get that presence is to blog.”

Book Marketing: How To Use Your Blog To Reach Readers For Your Books
Atulya Bingham for ALLi
“As if blogging isn’t tricky enough, Turkish author Atulya Bingham faces the additional challenge of running a blog without a proper internet connection. Yet smart strategic thinking has enabled her to use her blog effectively to promote her fiction and non-fiction books.”

There Are Easier Ways To Sell Books Than Through Blogging
Dylan S. Hearn, Suffolk Scribblings
“At the recent Bloggers Bash, one of the questions asked was why people started blogging. Many bloggers came up with the same answer, because they’d been told they needed to have a blog as an author platform in order to sell their books. When asked if blogging had helped, the answer from everybody was ‘not really,’ and while the answer wasn’t a ‘no,’ it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.”


Is It Time To Dump “Chick-Lit”?
Neal Doran
“Feels like nearly everybody knows chick-lit is a terrible term. / Many readers don't seem to like it much, most writers REALLY don't like it at all. / And I'm not talking about the content here, I'm just talking about the label. Why would you name a genre based on the supposed age and gender of its readers? Or is it named after the writers? / Either way, it's condescending, inaccurate, outdated, restrictive, patronising.”


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