For writers: on the web this week - 5 September 2015

New writers

If you are writing your first novel, I recommend reading the following two articles.

I Smell Your Rookie Moves, New Writers
Chuck Wendig
Chuck tells it as it is – his articles are always entertaining, sensible and useful. Here he says what he has found to be common mistakes of new novelists. And I can't disagree with him at all. “Here, then, are some things I have noticed in drafts by new or untested writers, and these are I think standard errors — and they’re ones also that tested authors sometimes stumble into, so peruse this list, see if you have stropped up against any of these sins like a randy tomcat, and then fix your business. Get it? Got it? Good? / Let the yelling commence.”

Ten Debut Novelist Danger Areas
Terry Tyler
“I don't like articles that tell you how to write, generally, because writing isn't a 'by numbers' skill, at which you can succeed if you follow the 'rules'.  However, I have noticed some areas which let down so many debut novels, and I am sure I was guilty of some of them, too, so I thought I'd write this in the hope that it will help a few new writers.”

Book Publishing

28 (Better) Things No One Tells You About Publishing
Scott Berkun
What every writer should know. You've probably heard all these things before, but Scott Berkun puts them in a no-nonsense list that I think should be essential reading for all authors, whichever way they decide to publish.


Bookbub Price Promotion: The Results
Rob Sinclair
These are some great statistics from Rob Sinclair. I have always been very sceptical about free downloads but this, and a limited-time dropped price, certainly seems to have worked for Rob. I am not surprised by the number of downloads when his book was given away for free, but I am very (pleasantly) surprised at how this had a positive effect on purchases once the price went up again.


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