For writers: on the web this week - 4 July 2015


When To Use First Person
Debbie Young for ALLi
“Self-publishing brings many benefits, including the freedom to write your book in first person, third person, or whatever style or voice you choose. Tales abound of authors whose books have been rejected by agents or publishers for writing in the first person – and then again when they’ve obligingly rewritten them in the third! So if you’re taking the author-publisher route, which course should you steer? Here are some pros and cons, taken from a private conversation between ALLi author members on our Facebook forum”

10 Tips For Choosing The Right Book Title In The E-Age
Anne R. Allen
“I'm not going to pretend that picking a title for your book is easy. In fact, it gets tougher all the time. We have to consider a lot more than how grabby a title looks on a bookstore shelf these days. / In choosing a title now, we have to think about SEO, keywords, categories, and also-boughts as we fight for visibility in the ever-expanding digital marketplace.”


The Book Is The Thing
Jamie Chavez
Jamie is an editor worth following (on Twitter she is @EditorJamieC), and her blog posts are both interesting and amusing. She always has great insights, and she keeps a good eye on “the industry”. This week in her Saturday short she comments on platform.


How One Writer Used Crowdfunding To Raise $12,775 In 30 Days
Kristen Pope for The Write Life
“Jon Yongfook didn’t even intend to write a book at first. But the growth-hacking expert and software entrepreneur decided to give it a shot when Guy Vincent, founder of crowdfunding platform Publishizer, dropped him a note and suggested he throw his hat in the game.”


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