For writers: on the web this week - 3 October 2015


Indie Author Imprints Can Ensure High Quality – So Why Did Readers Object?
Fiona Cameron for Selfpublishing Advice
Scottish indie author Fiona Cameron takes exception to a reading group’s assumption that self-publishing her books under her own imprint diminished their worth.”


That’s Not Writing—It’s Typing
Jamie Chavez
“I quit reading when I became convinced that the author was just making it up as she went along and not bothering to even give it a second pass before she uploaded, such were the number of continuity issues and other ridiculousnesses. As Truman Capote once said about a much better author, ‘That’s not writing, it’s typing.’”

Why Self-Published Book Covers Are Better Than You Think
Sarah Juckes for Publishing Perspectives
CompletelyNovel’s ‘Lord of the Book Covers’ competition revealed that many indie authors are using the same professional designers as traditional houses.”


This Is How You Use Facebook To Sell Books
Mark Dawson for Digital Book World
“I read the recent DBW piece ‘Why Facebook Cannot Help You Sell Books’ with surprise, and I respectfully disagree with its contentions. / I’m pretty much the definition of a midlist author: I write full-time, I’ve hit a few Amazon best-seller lists over the last couple years, and readers seem to enjoy my books. I was making a very good income with the usual forms of advertising throughout 2014—BookBub and the other advertisers, permafree first in series, etc.—but when I turned on my first Facebook ads I immediately saw a massive spike in business.”


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