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The Editor–Author Relationship: Five Reasons Why Self-Publishing Authors Need an Editor
Dick Margulis, Intelligent Editing
“Don't tell me you don't need an editor. I've heard that one before.”

The Better Angels Of Our Writing: Good Copy-Editors Can Save Us From Ourselves
Rachel Toor for the Chronicle of Higher Education
“My experience of receiving editing, both substantively and line by line, is that it’s like love. Good copy editors see me not just for who I am but for who I want to be, and they help me get there. They point out what I do well, but they also notice my tics and bad habits and try to break me of them.”

Indie Authors Will Soon Be Using AI to Edit their eBooks

Oh, Bad Idea! “One of the drawbacks of self-publishing is that you have to pay editors out of your pocket in order to get your e-book ready for distribution. Many of them forgo hiring one altogether and readers often find themselves wading through a ton of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. There is now an alternative to a human editor, a robot one.”


Self-Publishing And The Oft-Neglected Index
Iva Cheung
“A back-of-the-book index is usually one of the last things that get done in a book project, so I can understand how it can become an afterthought, but I’d love to see editors and project managers consider indexes earlier on, as they develop a project with a client. Most nonfiction works would benefit from an index: corporate and family histories, memoirs, and biographies should have a proper noun index at least, and indexes are a must for cookbooks and how-to books.”

How To: Large Print Books
Russell Phillips for Andrew Knighton
“Some time ago, I decided to release a large print edition of A Damn Close-Run Thing. It’s not necessarily something that I would recommend to other indie authors, unless you have reason to believe that there is a market for a large print version. In that case, this post should help you create something that is genuinely useful for those people that struggle to read standard print.”


Bad Reviews: Why You Must Read Them (And How To Survive)
Eric Trant for Kathy Pooler
“I am pleased to feature author Eric Trant in this Wow, Women on Writing Blog Tour for his new book, StepsWe all know how important reviews are  but what happens when we –inevitably–get less than positive ones? Eric offers some practical tips for writers on why we should not be bothered by the “bad reviews” and how these bad reviews can help us become better writers.”


John Havel Of The Hustle Plagiarises A Romance Author In The Name Of…Something
Kat, Book Thingo
“John Havel at the The Hustle tried to expose how scam artists can game the Kindle bestseller list to make money…by being a scam artist himself. Literally, he plagiarised Australian author Anna Cleary, and The Hustle is sidestepping criticism without issuing a formal apology.”


What's It Like To Be A Creator On Patreon? My First Month
Kameron Hurley
I’m not a fan of Kickstarter in part because what you’re actually being paid for, most often, are the actual costs to create the thing itself. Not your labor. Not the time that you, as the creator, put into it – so better hope you can pay your bills another way in the meantime. In addition, you have to pump a lot of time and effort into rewards and upgrades, and I just… I barely have the time to write between my day job and other obligations. Spending a lot of time on fulfillment would be nearly impossible for me. / I needed a crowdfunding option that was closer to literal patronage than Kickstarter, and I found that with Patreon.”


How To Create Gorgeous Title Graphics ... The Quick And Easy Way
Thomas E. Hanna for
Just what is says on the tin.



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