For writers: on the web this week - 22 August 2015


Ten Debut Novelist Danger Areas
Terry Tyler
“I don't like articles that tell you how to write, generally, because writing isn't a 'by numbers' skill, at which you can succeed if you follow the 'rules'.  However, I have noticed some areas which let down so many debut novels, and I am sure I was guilty of some of them, too, so I thought I'd write this in the hope that it will help a few new writers.”

Some Thoughts On Travel Writing Today
Alastair Humphreys
“This was an Interview I gave to about travel writing and social media.”

What Cliché Is
Lance Schaubert for Writer Unboxed
Global cliché, macro cliché and micro cliché, and why you should avoid them.


How To Work With An Editor, Part 2
Lisa Cordaro for The Serialist
You've hired an editor, now how to get the best out of the relationship.


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