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Book covers

eBook Cover Design Awards, May 2015
Joel Friedlander, the Book Designer
More useful critiquing from Joel. I'm delighted to see Emma Davies's book Letting in Light (it had a different cover when I read it) get a great comment on its cover, designed by Jessica Bell: “Delightful, with a unique style and deft color touches.”

Quality of indie author books

Gatekeepers For Indie Publishing
Hugh Howie
“Now, the best thing about indie publishing in my opinion is the complete lack of gatekeepers. This allows any voice equal access to the infinite number of available podiums. [...] These works would never see the light of day in the no-risk blockbuster model employed by the Big 5 (and that includes most of my works). Gatekeepers are bad for literature. They stifle. They censure. They play it safe. / But readers aren’t all the same. [...] / Saying there shouldn’t be any gatekeepers in publishing is to ignore all the readers who prefer to have some sorting done. ”

And following on from the above:

In Self-Publishing, The Gatekeepers Are Dead. Long Live The Gatekeepers!
Porter Anderson
“Howey, in short, has his work cut out for him. The once-acrimonious tone of a large part of the self-publishing community has eased over time, but the prompts to that anger live close to the emotional surface of a field that Howey estimates may be producing up to 450,000 new titles each year. [...] / And there it is. Howey is describing a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Clap those fins if you like, but this is the beginning of one discussion — I’ve heard others, less formally and visibly articulated — that might come under the heading, “How Do We Help Readers Find The Good Stuff?””


Why Do You Need Professional Editing For Your Novel?
Jim Dempsey for BookBaby
“Editing is like housework, it goes unnoticed unless it’s not done. Here are five reasons why professional editing is a necessity for your writing.”

History / Research

Magic In Anglo-Saxon England
Carolyn Emerick
“Magic was a regular part of daily life in pre-Christian Europe, as it was and still is in many other parts of the world. In this context, the term ‘magic’ is distinct from its modern usage which is better described as optical illusion.”


Identifying Your Target Audience: The Top 8 Mistakes Authors Make
Kimberley Grabas for Your Writer Platform
"Defining your target audience is much easier said than done. / Many writers end up skipping this step because they fail to recognize its importance in their book marketing plans. / But the truth is, identifying and understanding the wants, needs and desires of your ideal readership can ‘make or break’ your marketing strategy.”



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