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9 Steps To Writing Dialogue With Rich Subtext
Charles Harris
“A writing friend asked the other day, how do you write dialogue with strong subtext. My first thought was to answer, “How don’t you?” For years, I’ve found writing subtext to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. But clearly he didn’t. He was having a problem.”


Research Tools Every Writer Needs
Kelly Gardiner for Aerogramme Studio
“All writers need research. Whether you’re writing a memoir based largely on your own life, a story set in a neighbourhood you know well, a fantasy in a created universe, or a feature article, research can add depth, verisimilitude, and those telling details that further plot or character.”

Crime writing

Crime Writers Are The Victims As Sherlock's Too Slow For Forensics
Hannah Furness for the Telegraph
“They are tireless in their fight against crime, developing ever-more sophisticated science to thwart the wrongdoers in our midst. But as we admire the cutting-edge work of forensic scientists, spare a thought for their inadvertent victims: the crime writers. /Authors are facing an ever-growing challenge of devising plots that would not be solved in a matter of hours because of forensic and technological developments, it has been claimed.”


Book Marketing: How To Use A Quiz To Promote A Book
Stephen Oram for ALLi
“Quizzes are a hugely popular feature on social media, and British indie author Stephen Oram explains how he devised an online quiz about social media status as an elegant and appropriate strategy to promote his latest dystopian novel, Fluence, which anticipates a world in which one’s success in life is determined by one’s social media status.”


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  • Lorna says:

    Great list of good articles – I’m particularly intrigued by the quiz one! Could be something I will use myself.

    22 Jul 2015 12:13:04

  • Clare says:

    When I saw that article last week, I did think of you!

    22 Jul 2015 14:28:21

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