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Self-publishing success

How A Shy Former Avon Lady Became The Queen Of Self-Publishing
Katie McCollow for Newsweek
“A seamstress and former door-to-door salesperson nearing retirement age takes a job sewing costumes for a Vegas show, and the stories she hears backstage inspire her to trade in her Singer for a laptop. Twelve years and 15 books later, at the age of 72, Donna Mabry has the top nonfiction Kindle Direct Publishing book of all time.”

Meet The Kindlepreneurs
India Sturgis for the Telegraph
“The bestselling authors you've never heard of”

Irish literature

“The Movement” in Irish Literature This Decade
Sarah Davis-Goff of Tramp Press for The Town Crier
“What makes up a healthy environment for readers, and for writers? First, lots of people have to be working: a sport has to be popular at the most junior levels in a country for that country to excel internationally. Likewise a huge mass of the population should be obsessed with writing and trying to write for a few true talents to shine through. Ireland has always been a nation of writers, maybe even before we were a nation of readers.”

Traditional publishing

How To Net That Book Deal
Sarah Gilmartin for the Irish Times
“There are more outlets than ever for new writers, but how does a first-time author get signed after finishing a draft?”

Can You Afford To Get Published?
Kate Flora for Maine Crime Writers
“Usually, published writers like to paint a glowy picture of the world we inhabit. It is true that, having struggled often for years to finally become published, we are grateful for the chance to get our work out there and have it read, and I beam with pride when I look at my row of published books. But this week, after putting together some figures for the past twelve months, I estimate that I’m working for about a dollar a day.”

Your readers

What Makes A Reader Download And Finish Your Book?
Kathy Perow for Molly Greene
“Molly has asked me to write a post from a reader’s point of view, with an eye to self-published authors in particular. I’ve become a huge fan of authors brave enough and confident enough to strike out on their own, without the advantages (or the frustrations) of traditional publishing. I’ll try to answer a few of her questions: / What makes me decide to download a book: Cover? BookBub blurb? Reviews? / What makes me pass on completing a book? Typos, slow beginnings, characters who do not resonate? / What will I disregard if other elements are in place to keep me reading?”


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