For writers: on the web this week - 13 June 2015


How True Should Historical Fiction Be?
Stephanie Merritt for the Guardian
“From Hilary Mantel to Andrew Miller to Philippa Gregory, historical fiction is enjoying a boom. But novelists are storytellers, not history teachers, argues Stephanie Merritt”

Your Most Frequently Asked Writing Questions, Answered!
Chuck Wendig
“Going to cons or checking my email or wandering into the woods, inevitably a writer (or a rogue whitetail deer) will ask me one of a pre-selected set of questions. These questions are understandable — I’m not knocking them. But I did think, hey, maybe I’ll take the Top 15 by frequency, bop ‘em in a single post, and see if I can’t hit a few fly-balls into the outfield.”

Eddie Izzard On Talent
Nat Russo
Nat says: “It’s imperative when you’re starting out to embrace the fact that you’re going to be a “so-so writer”. I go so far as to say you’re probably going to suck at it. A lot. You are not going to start your writing career as a great writer.” And this article explains why.

The business of writing

How To Tell If Your Idea For An eBook Or Course Is A Profitable One
Darren Rowse for ProBlogger
“The old saying that ‘everybody has a book inside them’ may be true – but for bloggers I’ve found it is probably more accurate to say that ‘every blogger has at least 10 ideas for eBooks inside them’. / [...]  Just keep in mind that a there’s much more to profitable products than great ‘ideas’. Success will be dependant upon many factors including the quality of what you create, the size of your audience [...] and the marketing strategies that you use to launch your product.”

Book launches

Collaborative Book Launches – The Future Of Book Marketing?
Derek Flynn for
“On 3rd June this year, held its second One Big Book Launch in London – an initiative harnessing the power of collaboration to launch ten new books from ten emerging authors at the same event. And yes – it was the best night of the year once again. Here’s why it worked, and what you can take forward into your own marketing.”

Author photo

How To Pose Like A Man

“The cover my publisher chose for my new novel, ‘The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty,’ was indeed very beautiful, but more feminine than I would have ideally liked. It was mostly white, but all the way at the top were the gorgeous chin and red lips of a young woman. Not wanting to be a ‘difficult author,’ I decided not to ask my editor to find a new cover. (She had already been kind enough to change it once.) Instead, I decided to counteract the cover by other means, starting with my author photo.”



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  • Lorna says:

    I love the idea of the collaborative book launches, apart from wonderful networking and taking the pressure off authors wondering if anyone beyound family will turn up, I’d love to attend launches like that and yes, would buy at least 5 books too.

    13 Jun 2015 21:20:56

  • Clare says:

    Yes, I think they are a brilliant idea. It would also be great for maybe three people in a locality away from a main city, or publishing in the same genre – good for moral support! It must be very scary on your own.

    13 Jun 2015 22:15:28

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