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Step Away From The (Misguided) Advice And Do NOT Write Four Books A Year
Lorraine Devon Wilke
I could not agree more with every word Lorraine says here. It frustrates me no end when people say the only way to be successful is to churn out the books. In some genres it is easier to process book after book (e.g. quick-read romance), but even then quality should, in my opinion, come first. But the formula is obviously working for some people (those romance by numbers ones) and presumably their readers don’t mind, so I guess I shouldn’t knock it but, as Lorraine says, this is why self-publishing has a stigma attached to it. I could go on, but Lorraine says it far more eloquently than I can, and I am firmly in her camp rather than the get-rich-quick one (which in any case works for a very small percentage of writers). “No matter what experts tell you, no matter what trends, conventional wisdom, social media chatter, or your friends in the Facebook writers group insist upon, do NOT write four books a year. I mean it. Don’t.”

2 Stammer Verbs To Avoid In Your Fiction
Jessi Rita Hoffman for Jane Friedman
Yes! to this article. These words often annoy me when reading (along with “suddenly”). “As a writer, you’ve probably heard the advice about avoiding passive voice and colorless verbs, such as is, was, went, and so on. But you may not be aware of what I call the ‘stammer verbs’ that mar the novels of many budding authors. / I call them that because they halt the flow of a scene.”


Author Photos Get Ready For Your Close-up
Evie Gaughan
Do you like to see what the author of the book you are reading looks like? I'm not too worried about it on books (and I especially dislike it if you choose one that was taken ten years ago), but I think you should definitely have one on your website. Here's what author Evie Gaughan thinks about author photos. (And, Evie, I like the one you have chosen.)

Effectiveness Of Ads For A 99c Promo
Ruth Nestvold
Last week I pointed you at Rob Sinclair’s post on his promo and giveaway, This week, here are some results from a similar marketing campaign from Ruth Nestvold.

Instagram Tips For Every Author
Frances Caballo, Social Media Just For Writers
“Should you use [Instagram] as an author? That depends. Forty-one percent of users are between the ages of 16-24. Among the 18-29-year-old crowd, 53% use Instagram. / Do people who didn’t grow up with the Internet use Instagram? Of course. But if you write Young Adult and New Adult novels, Instagram is a must for your marketing plan. / The numbers don’t lie and if you want to be where your readers are and you write YA and New Adult fiction, this is one of your most important social media networks.”


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