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The Writer's Guide To Writing Weddings
Lorna Seilstad for Seekerville
“Writing a fictional wedding and planning an actual wedding have some important similarities and differences, so I want to give you the Writer’s Guide to Writing Weddings. Keep these points in mind as your heroine heads down the aisle.”


Would You Take Back A Manuscript Before Your Editor Finished Working On It?
Katherine Pickett
Is your book ready for editing? What would you do if you editor returned it and said that it needed more work before she looks at it? This article is for editors, but will be of interest to writers, too.

5 Burning Questions On Editing
Sarah Griffin and Dave Rudden
“As a follow-up series to the Editing Panel at’s Date With An Agent event, Sarah Griffin asked the hosts of the panel, Dave Rudden and Claire Hennessy, five burning questions about editing. Here are Dave’s answers ...”


Why Amazon Deleting Reviews Is A Price Worth Paying
Dylan Hearn
“Amazon is currently cracking down on what it sees as inaccurate or reciprocal reviews and it appears, at least from recent posts I’ve read, a number of authors have been affected. Amazon are using an algorithm to identify what they term as suspect reviewing patterns, as well as identify reviewers who they believe know each other, and blocking those reviews. Once blocked, because Amazon believe the reviews broke their reviewing terms and conditions, the reviewer can no longer leave any  future reviews.”


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