Bookish news on the web this week - 8 August 2015

Sexism in writing

Meet the male writers who hide their gender to attract female readers
Paul Oswell for the Guardian
“Women writers have long disguised their gender hoping to get taken seriously but a few male authors pretend to be female to hopefully sell more books”

Ireland’s literature

Why Is Irish Writing So In Vogue Right Now?
Francesca Wade for the Telegraph
“[I]n the last decade, a new wave of writers has been challenging traditional conceptions of ‘Irish literature’, their weapon the vibrant experimental fiction being published by Dublin’s independent presses.”

Reading Ireland – a new online publication of Ireland’s poetry and prose
“Reading Ireland is a website dedicated to promoting Irish Literature and contemporary Irish writing. For biographical and critical entries on over two hundred twentieth-century and contemporary Irish poets, playwrights and prose writers, please click on the Author Database link.”

Book trailer

Poison Bay by Belinda Pollard
See the TBR Pile's review of this excellent suspense novel. And now here’s the video trailer.

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