Bookish news on the web this week - 3 October 2015

Three Cognitive Benefits Of Reading Fiction
Jordan Bates on Refine The Mind
As if you had any doubts or needed an excuse to read more, here are some benefits of reading fiction.

11 Unusual Bookstores You Can Visit
Rebecca O Connell for Mental Floss
“Sure you can buy books on Amazon, but nothing compares to going to a bookstore and picking out the right title by hand. Here are some unique bookstores that are filled with as much charm as they are books.”

19 Second-Hand Bookshops In The UK Every Book Lover Has To Visit
Ellie Bate for BuzzFeed
“There’s nothing better than old book smell. ”

21 Bookstore Signs That Capture The Joy Of Reading
Katie Heaney for BuzzFeed

Bookmarks Versus Dog Ears: How You Keep Track Of Your Reading – In Pictures
Guardian readers and Marta Bausells for the Guardian
“From old gig tickets to toilet paper and £20 notes, almost anything can be co-opted as a bookmark, as as a recent callout for pictures revealed. How do you mark your place in books? ”

The Authors Who Prove It's Never Too Late To Write A Book
Saffron Alexander for the Telegraph
“For aspiring novelists over a certain age, publishing your first book can seem impossible, Saffron Alexander reveals the authors who prove it's never too late to start writing”

The Irish Literary Journal's Irresistible Rise
Sarah Gilmartin for The Irish Times
With their open door policy, Irish literary journals often offer new writers their first break and more established ones a platform and the chance to think outside the box”

How Shakespeare's Great Escape From The Plague Changed Theatre
James Shapiro for the Guardian
“In 1606, deaths from the plague led to the closure of theatres. The disease reached the playwright’s house in London, and was to change his professional life, and the whole of drama, for ever ”

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