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Bookish holidays

Shelf Catering: Tourists Offered Chance To Run A Bookshop On Holiday
Alison Flood for the Guardian
“For £150 a week, AirBnB users are invited to live in – and run – The Open Book store in Wigtown, Scotland”


Did You Know This About The Bookshops Of Bath?
Steven Shepperson-Smith
Bookshops. In Bath. What more could you want?

Annual Review #2: Everyone Needs A Hobby
Erica, the Bookshop Blogger
Happy Anniversary, Erica! What an excellent hobby you have, and an excellent blog. Wishing you many more years of visiting bookshops around the corner.


What Are Your Reading Pet Peeves?
Janice Hardy
Can you relate to any of these? I certainly can!


Five Great Questions I Was Asked As A Reference Librarian
Kelly Jensen for Book Riot
“Danika’s post that asked how well we would do on the bookseller’s quiz show got me thinking about some of the best questions I was asked when I worked as a reference librarian. Anyone who knows anything about libraries knows that all patron interactions are private and that librarians never, ever share information about those who ask questions or seek advice. Anonymity is of the utmost importance. / That said, ...”


Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About The English Language
Alex Hammond for Oxford Dictionaries
“Hey, English speaker! Congratulations. You speak a language that straddles the globe like nothing before. Statistically, English is unlikely to be your first language and you are likely to be from an educated background. Again, congratulations. / Here are ten things that you may not have known about this wonderful language of ours:”


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