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The 10 Best Independent Bookshops In The World – Readers Recommend
Marta Bausells for the Guardian
I'm so pleased to see Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights (Bath) and Word on the Water (London) included in this list. "From a bohemian Parisian temple of reading to a bookshop with hidden animals: to mark Independent Bookshop Week, here are 10 of the best around the world – compiled with the help of our readers"


Six Words That Everyone Pronounces Wrong
Oxford Dictionaries Blog
Well, I've never said quinoa like that! “Sometimes it turns out that knowing how to use a word in a sentence and knowing how to pronounce it are two very different things. Here are several words that lots of people tend to get wrong and have no idea.”

23 New Words For Emotions That We All Feel But Can't Explain
Justin Gammill for I Heart Intelligence
“Graphic designer John Koenig has sought for years to fill holes in language that describe the emotions that we all feel, but fail to communicate. Since 2009, his website: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows has been a ‘a compendium of invented words’ [...] / Here are 23 Examples of Koeing’s genius that we can all identify with.”

The Lighter Side

14 Funny Situations Only Book Lovers Will Understand
If you’re a true book lover, you know you have a slightly different perspective on the world. You understand things others never will.

A Popular Tumblr Account Is Making Clear That The Life Of A Public Librarian Is No Picnic
Will Haskell for Business Insiders
“The page I work at a public library is drawing tons of Tumblr users to ogle the short and often hilarious anecdotes submitted by exhausted librarians.”

From YouTube

All About Them Books - parody of "All About That Bass"
If you enjoyed the All About Those Books parody from MDIHS Library (see 30 May Bookish news), I think you'll enjoy version too, from Liberty Elementary School in Ohio – a reminder to return your library books on time.

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