Bookish news on the web this week - 16 May 2015

Mark Liberman for Language Log
This is food for thought. The comments are interesting, too – and a bit surprising. I think there are times to buck conventions ... and times when they shouldn't be. "UBC student writes 52,438 word architecture dissertation with no punctuation – not everyone loved it"

Every Child Deserves To Have Their Life Represented In Books
Cerrie Burnell for the Guardian
"CBeebies presenter and author Cerrie Burnell failed in her search for disabled characters in books to identify with when she was growing up – and that’s why her own children’s books embrace diversity in all its glory"

Meet The Author: Why Writing Is No Longer Just About The Words
Damon Young in the Sydney Morning Herald
"A publishing contract is now more than an invitation to write. It is also a request for performance. The author becomes, as John Updike puts it in The End of Authorship, a 'walking, talking advertisement for the book'."

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