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Ten Must-Read YA Novels You’ve Never Heard Of
jhansenwrites, for the Guardian
“Just like adult fiction, popular YA books such as The Hunger Games or Divergent are not representative of the sheer diversity of titles and authors out there. Teen site member jhansenwrites, creator of #VeryRealisticYA, explores some of the totally unique YA books you’ve probably not come across but really ought to look up…”

The Best Young Adult Books Of 2015
Martin Chilton for the Telegraph
“2015 is proving another great year for young adult fiction after a record-breaking year of YA books in 2014, a period that included the UK's first YA conference. This guide to the best YA books will be updated weekly, with reviews by Martin Chilton and Rebecca Hawkes”

11 Books With Endings That Change Everything
Elisabeth Delp for Bookbub
“Is there anything more thrilling than that heart-stopping moment in a book when a single detail changes everything? Unreliable narrators, mind games, cruel twists of fate — if you enjoy any of these, read on! / Though those mysteries and thrillers are known for plot twists (and are certainly included in our list), they’re not the only ones who can pull it off — romances, YA, sci-fi, and historical fiction accomplish it as well. Below are 11 books with plot twists that change everything (along with their publishers’ descriptions).”

Book clubs

When Your Book Club Asks Too Much Of You
Michelle Anne Schingler for Book Riot
Confession: once or twice I've not given myself time to read a book club book and rather than admit to it, I've blagged my way through a meeting. For shame. I did once start a book that was so awful I couldn't finish it, and I owned up to that. Generally, though, I do feel I owe it to the other members to read their choice (especially as I do feel irritated if someone doesn't read my choice) as we are a small club and really all need to have read the book to get a good discussion going. “Fellow book clubbers: is saying “absolutely not!” to a group selection verboten, or just in poor taste?”


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