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The Beauty Of The Book: An Homage To Book Cover Finishes
“We all know a beautiful book cover when we see one – it can pull you as if by magic from one side of the bookshop to the other with its shiny gold foil or its stroke-me surface. But magic it is not: the clever design and production teams spend hours and days plotting how to make the most of a book’s cover so that it does justice to the writing within and still makes a profit over all. Charlie Mainprize in Picador’s production team took us through some examples that show off the marvels of the physical book.”


14 Of The Coziest, Cutest Bookstores You've Ever Seen
Rick Burnes for Bookbub
“If you love books — ebooks or the old fashioned paper kind — chances are you love bookstores. Maybe as a places to buy books, but most certainly as a place to browse and dream of all the worlds you could depart to. / For bookstore lovers, there’s nothing better than a bookstore with character. That’s why we collected 14 of the coziest, cutest bookstores we could find and shared them below. Enjoy!”


Powerful Images Show What It’s Like To Read When You Have Dyslexia
Ana Swanson for the Washington Post
“Britton’s new design project aims to show the world what it’s like to live with dyslexia. Britton created a typeface that mimics the experience of reading with dyslexia. To create the font, he removed about 40 percent of each letter, including its key characteristic – for example, the cross-bar in the letter ‘A’.”


Does Fictional Romance Give Us Unreal Expectations In Real Life Relationships?
Becca’s Books
“What do you think? I’ve always been a little bit envious of those intense looks that characters within books hold between each other, or the grand gestures where the heroine is flown off to Paris or New York for a sexy little weekend away! But, in real life, not many of us can actually afford to fly off when the moment takes us, can we? And is it really possible to share an intense look over a chinese takeaway on a Friday night? Hmm, who knows? / I’ve taken my question to the bloggers and authors! Take a look at what they thought ...”

From YouTube

A Historical Joy-Ride In Coffeehouses
Piers Alexander and Matthew Green via The Pigeonhole
“Author and historian Dr Matthew Green joins Piers in a meanderthal’s trip through 17th century London, via the great coffeehouses of Soho.”

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