Bookish news on the web this week - 11 July 2015


Beautiful Bookstores
Architectural Digest
Bookshops from an architect’s point of view. And they are beautiful.

13 Bookstore Cats
The title says it all.


Reading And Your Health: 6 Long-Term Benefits
Kristeen Cherney for Girl Who Reads
“Reading is often associated as a school requirement. Unfortunately, a large portion of the U.S. population does not read books post-graduation. This means that many of us read less as we get older. While it’s a fact that some of us enjoy reading better than others, it is also a fact that reading benefits everyone at all levels. Aside from pleasure out of a good novel, reading has some surprising benefits to your brain and overall well-being. If you haven’t read a book in a while, now may be the time to add reading to an overall healthy routine.”

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