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Does the internet need another book blogger, you ask?

Well, yes it does, says I. There are some excellent book bloggers and reviewers and many that I admire. I will try to add my voice to theirs and do my bit for getting good books noticed.

I have been burned by buying books on the recommendation of a reviewer, or even several reviewers, and wondered whether I was reading the same book or whether I am just hard to please. As it happens, I am hard to please, but I think also that there are many fake reviews, many mates’ reviews, many back-scratching reviews, many paid-for reviews … who to believe? If you follow particular reviewers you get to know those that you agree with, and so you will be more likely to act on their recommendation. So, I hope that you will follow me to find out if I like the same kind of book that you do.

I have read reviewers say that they won’t publish reviews of books that they don’t like. Ah, I thought – what nice people, maybe I should do the same. Apparently I am not that nice, because I will publish reviews of books that I don’t like: just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean that you won’t, and maybe, just maybe, it might prevent other writers making the same mistakes (that’s a mistake in my opinion, of course). I do promise, though, that I will never slate an author – their book may not be to my taste, but I am well aware that even the worst book will be liked by someone, and even the worst of books has been sweated over and is the lovechild of its author.

I am not an expert; I am just an avid reader who cares about writing. Any review I post is just my humble opinion – you have the chance to agree or disagree with it through the voting panel to the left of the review. Please do feel free to join in the discussion in the comments.

Most books on this site will be by indie authors and small presses. I think most readers neither know nor care whether their book is published by the author or by a huge publishing house. I, on the other hand, do care. And books from the big houses get plenty of exposure, whereas the indies have to work much harder to get noticed. The indie publishing movement is great for writers and great for readers. It has, however, resulted in some dire books entering the mix. And it has resulted in some fabulous books being overlooked – and these are the ones that I would like to do my tiny bit for helping to get a wider audience.

If I have posted a review here, you can be assured that I have read the whole book, not just skimmed through it or opened it at random pages.

There are also posts specifically for readers and specifically for writers. New posts will be announced on various social media sites (see the follow buttons), along with other interesting snippets, and there will be a weekly round-up via the newsletter.


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